HaasBot – HaasOnline’s Crypto-currency Trading


The Client

Since 2014, HaasOnline has democratized high-frequency trading on the most well-known digital asset platforms by leveraging integrations through APIs. HaasOnline products and technology are simple enough for any trader to use, yet robust enough to power some of the world’s most advanced automated trading algorithms.

By making automated trading a valuable part of every crypto trader’s toolkit, HaasOnline is enabling pioneers in fintech — from cryptocurrency hobbyists to emerging institutional leaders — to create ingenious automated trading strategies.


About this project

Client challenges:

The client had a desktop application only, so in order for anyone to use the platform they would need to download and install the application just too even test it. This posed a major problem because at this time the world was moving to the web, no one wanted to download an app to the desktop and whenever an update was available you would need to download it and install. Also the client had no mobile access to this application which posed a major problem since the generation was moving towards hand held devices quickly.

Client system:

Desktop application with no mobile access

Our solution:

Techlify built an AngularJs based SPA that allowed HaasBot users to access their trading setup and information from both the desktop and web-based solution. The SPA was built using the existing HaasBot API allowing the data to be kept in sync across both platforms. Techlify produced a modern design that was also easy to use and allowed simple navigation across the entire HaasBot software.


The client’s benefits were:-

  • Hitting the targeted market
  • Gaining access to the software via mobile devices