The Client

Guy-America is specialized in Logging, Sawmilling, Furniture Manufacturing, Lumber Yards, Finished Furniture, Appliances and General Stores. Established in 1974, Guy-America is well known for it’s quality products in Guyana and Abroad. We will continue to provide the same great services to you.

Guy-America has it’s own large forest concession, from which Greenheart, Purpleheart, Kabukalli, Locust, Mora and many other types of tropical logs are extracted. These are available in various Diameter and Lengths; and can be acquired through direct order.

Guy-America has a 41 year experience in businesses in general, but 30 years in the Logging, Sawmilling and furniture industries. We have produced, distribute and retail quality lumber, furniture and moulding country wide. You can depend on our timely shipment, excellent workmanship and the service and attention that comes with being our valued customer.

Because we have our own logs where we do our logging, our own sawmill where we cut our own lumber, our own furniture factory where we manufacture our own furniture, that help us to provide a service second to none.

We care about the environment as much as the customer. Our own policy and commitment includes not only producing high quality but to do so while protecting the environment, We find it important to threat the environment with the same respect and care that we demonstrate towards our clients.


About this project

Client challenges:

GUYAMERICA was a relatively large company who specialized in creating exotic furniture, Logging, Sawmilling, Lumber Yards, Finished Furniture, Appliances and General Stores. These services were not well known to the public eye. Majority of the population both locally and globally did not know about the quality that GUYAMERICA provided given the unique yet classy furniture pieces that were available because there was little to no exposure to the amazing yet simple pieces, customers assumed GUYAMERICA was just a company that produced furniture with inflated price tags on them.


Client systems:

The client was using a few methods as a marketing strategy to gain traction for their business:-

  • Word to mouth- oral tradition of informal advertising from person to person
  • Radio advertisement
  • Business cards



Our solution:

Techlify  Inc.  collaborated  with  Guy-America  to  build  a  website  that exposed  their  work,  the  quality  of  materials  they  use  and  their  entire  manufacturing  process.  We visited their sawmills, lumber yards and showrooms to better understand the Guy-America process from Forest to polished furniture and took stunning pictures of their process. The knowledge gained helped us to build a mobile-first website to showcase Guy-America furniture, Logging, Saw-milling and Manufacturing sectors on a global scale.

We also created a social media presence  for  Guy-America  and  helped  to  showcase  their  products via  a  tight integration of the website and social media platforms. Search engine optimization has helped Guy-America to be accessible to more persons looking for the high-quality furniture that they produce. Guy-America  now  has  an  online  presence  that  transcends  our  initial  target  of  being  known countrywide; the digital presence has now helped the company to reach customers and partners globally.



The client’s benefits were:-

  • They gained publicity
  • Sales increased
  • They were able to penetrate the targeted market
  • Increase in the items along the supply chain(lumber and wholesale furniture) were sold
  • Customers were now more educated about the company and information was readable accessible