The Client

   Morgans Learning Centre is one of the Premier learning institution in Guyana. Over the past few years, we have rapidly established ourselves as the leader in providing CSEC Lessons. Morgans Learning Centre has the distinguished privilege and pleasure of education some of the best CSEC graduating students in the Caribbean, Students form out Academic Centre have attained outstanding results at the CXC Examinations.

About this project


Client challenges:

The client had a paper based system for all records thorough out the school, this posed as a problem because its challenging to organize and manage a fully paper based system (student records, teacher records, payments due, payments made, attendance, etc…) with 100s of students and staff.

Additionally from a human resource point of view it was evident that staff were constantly burdened with redundant tasks which caused them to be overworked and more inclined to commit human errors which was a major problem. Since the entire system was paper based there was no backup for any information (no accountability) and the client also realized they had to hire more staff members since the system was ungovernable.


Client system:

Fully paper based with file cabinet system.


Our solution:

Techlify’s solution was to construct an information system that fully digitized the processes for the client such as:-

  • Payment management
  • Student attendance
  • Outstanding payments
  • Student records
  • Registration
  • Alumni



The client now had more control over the system and the system now executes these functions that allow more efficient and effective work:-

  • Automation-all calculations and reporting are automatically generate
  • Generate report-receivable, accountant, GRA, bank, stock, etc…
  • Multi user access control, audit trails– each staff in your organization would have their own accounts that are limited to their roles. All changes done to data is recorded.
  • Real-time updates-all updates are immediately reflected to all other users, allowing for live collaboration and immediate information sharing.
  • Efficiency-the system automates redundant work calculations and reporting that is usually very time consuming, this allows staff more time on other business development activities.
  • Work from home- the app is hosted on the cloud, allowing you and your team to work from anywhere in the world. You can be at home and review all activities.