Paul James Professional Portfolio Website


The Client

   Mr. Paul James is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. He is the owner of Fix-It Hardware Black and Decker Inc., which deals with the supply of power tools and equipment for the construction industry.
He is also a pioneer of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry in Guyana haven been a co-founder of Solutions 2000, the first Internet service provider in Guyana.

Currently Mr. James has expanded his business to include the provision of medium and low voltage equipment which includes the provision of line hardware, transformers, insulators , cables and smart meters to the Power companies and Government Ministries.

Mr. James has also made significant investments in setting up the first power cable factory in Guyana. The factory located in Georgetown is expected to be full operation in October 2018 and it will manufacture all aluminum and copper cables to be used in the industrial and domestic sectors. This factory was built utilizing modern and innovative German technology and has the capacity to processing over 250 tons of raw materials per month.

Currently plans are also being put in place to manufacture LED Street lights as well as Lightning for the industrial and domestic markets. Further expansion to assemble Solar Panels in Guyana is also expected to be undertaken in 2019.
Mr. James is a visionary extraordinaire and sees the future without boundaries and limitless opportunities.

About this project

Client challenges:

The client is a businessman whose contributions to Guyana’s Economy is significant, even though he had an established reputation in Guyana’s business sector it was deemed to be futile when dealing with prospective overseas clients since they had no information to support his legitimacy and contributions which posed a problem for him. It became quite clear to our client that an online platform was essential for his future endeavors, since the popularity of the client’s name “Paul James” was also an obstacle.

Client systems:

The client used mainly business cards to gain popularity and also attended an array of conferences and business events that were held mostly in Guyana.

Our solution:

Techlify’s solution was to construct a dynamic website to not only advertise the client but to also brilliantly display the client’s work.




The client was now easier to find on the web with endless exposure to the global business market where his work could be viewed and recognized, this proved to be a worthwhile investment which drastically increased opportunities to establish new business partnerships in an effective yet simple manner.

The Client now has a platform that creates a professional look to make it easier with building client confidence through the presentation of high quality photos and updated information about his accomplishments and endeavours.