Muneshwers Travel Agency


The Client

We’re the number one Travel Agency in the country. We have the largest staff that are always available at your service. Our customer service is beyond compare.

About this project

Client challenges:

 The client is considered to be the largest and best travel agency in Guyana but of late since the population had a drastic growth in wealth, persons could now afford to take vacations and visit family abroad. The client noticed this positive increase but realized they were not penetrating this new found market of customers because most people didn’t know about their travel agency (branding).

Another major issue was that agents were doing redundant and time consuming work when dealing with clients because of the constant searching through documents, information (paper work) to find data that the clients needed.


Client systems:

Client used a variety of systems to advertise themselves such as:-

  • Traditional billboard advertisements
  • Word to mouth(Word to oral tradition of informal advertising from person to person)
  • Long term customers
  • Business cards(agents used)

Our solution:

Techlify’s solution was to construct a simple yet responsive website which allowed the client to:-

  • Advertise the packages available for customers
  • Allow customers to search for specific flights (timings and prices) and book hotels.


The client now penetrated the new customer market and agents had less confrontation with customers due to the responsiveness of the website allowing them to save time and money.