Get to know Us

We are a technology company that helps to improve business efficiency, customer service, communication, and business processes through the use of technology. Rich and diverse experiences in providing software development services have enabled us to develop solutions that give our customers/partners an edge over competitors. Our early footprints can be traced back to the beginning of 2011 when our founder started working as a freelancer Software Engineer. After several successful years of freelance development, Techlify Inc. has finally moved to being a registered company.

Our Vision: Become the world’s leading digital business solutions company.

Our Mission: We are technology professionals providing best-in-class digital business solutions.

Our Team Culture

Work-Life Integration

Each member of our team strives to build a work environment that we all would love to work in. We ensure that we live our team culture every single day, and our points of culture are critical to the success of our work and everyday life. 

Integrity – What we promise is what we will deliver. We will communicate and resolve any changes in agreements immediately. 

Commitment We will commit ourselves 100% to our Vision, Mission, Team, Customers and Projects. 

Excellence We will go the extra mile to provide exceptional quality solutions that fit business needs. We will strive to always produce accurate solutions that do exactly what it was intended in the exact manner in which it was intended.

Leadership Techlify is its team. Each of us is responsible for building the company and environment that we dream of working in. We all need to take responsibility and be leaders driving the company and initiatives forward. 

Innovation We will stay on the path of constant innovation to ensure all of our solutions use the best technology to provide the most benefit to users. We will develop new technology if necessary to provide the most suitable solution. 

Knowledge We will keep up-to-date on technological developments and always work from a point of knowledge to provide solutions that make use of the best and most suitable technology.  

Creativity & Authenticity We will support creative and authentic products and solutions and foster a creative culture among all colleagues. 

Team & Collaboration Team comes first, always. We will collaborate with all team members and clients in a synergistic manner to produce great solutions.  

Communication We will speak with honesty and respect to our team members, clients in both public and private. We will listen diligently when others are speaking. We will avoid gossip and negative language. We will communicate in a manner that is uplifting to everyone.

Products Team

We're a SaaS product company with our flagship product being an ERP that provides an integrated solution for service-based and retail businesses, allowing the integration of your HR, Accounting, Inventory, Point of Sale, eCommerce, Project Management and other processes.


Services Team

While our products team focuses on building out amazing products and features on a daily basis, our services ensure that your tech infrastructure is well built out and configured, and ensures that technology systems, including those built by our products team, are deployed and adopted successfully by your team!

Team Techlify

And, sharing some photos of the real people behind this amazing company!