Techlify Team

Our experience has shown that team bonding is stronger when people mingle with each other constantly at a personal level. To achieve this objective especially when working remotely we organize periodic monthly open forums, fun meetings, training and much more. Working at Techlify is not just about concentrating hard, delivering productivity, quality and meeting deadlines; it is also about having fun!

We at Techlify believe in a proper balance between professional and personal life. Our work code puts thrust on the notion that employees would enjoy both professional and personal life. In short, Every Techlify employee believes in working hard and partying harder!

Fun & Culture

Life at Techlify is brimming with events, where employees can pursue their interests in areas as varied as fine arts, culture, or sports. The objective is to ensure that employees are not confined to their desks. Employees demonstrate their skills and interests through forums. These events are generally not competitive, but a competitive element is sometimes added to enhance enthusiasm and to bring out the best in them.

Continuous Learning

The spirit of learning among our people and the organization’s commitment to continuous personal and professional development keeps Techlify at the forefront in the fast-changing global industry.

Techlify Points of Culture


What we promise is what we will deliver. We will communicate and resolve any changes in agreements immediately.


We will commit ourselves 100% to our Vision, Mission, Team, Customers and our Projects.


We will go the extra mile to provide exceptional quality solutions that fit business needs. We will strive to always produce accurate solutions that do exactly what it was intended in the exact manner in which it was intended.


Techlify is it’s team. Each of us is responsible for building the company and environment that we dream of working in. We all need to take responsibility and be leaders driving the company and initiatives forward.


We will stay on the path of constant innovation to ensure all of our solutions use the best technology to provide the most benefit to users. We will develop new technology if necessary to provide the most suitable solution.


We will keep up-to-date on technological developments and always work from a point of knowledge to provide solutions that make use of the best and most suitable technology.

Creativity & Authenticity

We will support creative and authentic products and solutions and foster a creative culture among all colleagues.

Team & Collaboration

Team comes first; We will collaborate with all team members and clients in a synergistic manner to produce great solutions.


We will speak with honesty and respect to our team members, clients in both public and private. We will listen diligently when others are speaking. We will avoid gossip and negative language. We will communicate in a manner that is uplifting to everyone.

Techlify Building Future Leaders

We make working at Techlify an enjoyable experience by providing the right atmosphere of work and career growth. Our initiatives are like 360º Appraisal System and Skill level feedback encourage employees at all levels. Open-minded approach in all our endeavours is aimed at bringing out the best in you.

We strive to provide a work environment that is stimulating with high levels of motivation, empowerment and recognition, while at the same time we try to remove obstacles that hinder creativity. In this energized atmosphere we share successes while setting new standards of excellence. We believe appreciation is the best motivation, and thus we have created a fun and inspiring workspace.

We believe in an organization with less hierarchy and faster decision-making. In order to make that happen, every Techlifite is communicated how the organization works, how decisions are made, and what drives us.