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Mobile is now the default platform of the world. With a mobile app, you can reach customers at a personal level regardless of time or location and help your business stand out in a mobile-first world. Techlify is a mobile-first company – we build iOS apps, Android apps, and cross-platform apps for consumer-facing and corporate mobile environments. 

A mobile app is quite essential to your business. We assist you by choosing the correct mobile app development platforms and a library of features that best suits the need of your business, all with a fixed price and delivery date even before the mobile app development kick-starts. Along with numerous other benefits, mobile applications improves customer engagement and direct communication with your customers and target audience, provides a useful marketing medium that increases brand awareness, and makes you truly stand out from the competition.

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The Geo tracking app, we create enables tracking the exact location of any device such as a Smartphone, tablet, laptop, radar, and so on. There is no denying that it has revolutionized the marketing strategies for several businesses.

Cloud Drive Back-end

Mobile app development using cloud drive backend enables push notification, file storage, data management, and social media integrations. Another advantage is as it contains end-to-end infrastructure, so you can save a fair amount of money. Constant updates, high security, a solution to bandwidth problems make it a perfect option for all your mobile app needs.

Wearable Tech

Wearable Technology allows you to monitor your fitness levels, track location with GPS and view text messages more quickly. Many healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, construction, mining and retail, industries are keen on the implementation of wearable technology.

Internet of Things

Increased reliance on the Internet of things has significantly revolutionized the industries using IoT platforms of one kind or the other. Iot is a way for devices to connect within a network environment.

Mobile Games

We provide a comprehensive mobile app solution for 2D or 3D highly engaging games. Also, the powerful live-ops solution ensures high visibility, higher performance, and revenue growth.

Location Sensing

Location sensing apps allow tracking a person’s physical and geographical location constantly as it communicates with other devices and hubs to function.

How can our custom Mobile Apps benefit your business?

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User Experience Design

We ensure providing top-notch user experience designs which enhance customer acquisitions and helps with customer retention. By employing an efficient user experience design facilitates engagement which in turn increases productivity.

Cross-Platform Coverage

We provide cross-platform coverage for the mobile apps we develop, which enable a uniform look and feel across various platforms. It gives you the liberty of marketing your mobile application on several media and makes it easier to maintain and deploy updates across all platforms

cross mobile application development
mobile application development

Security and Compliance

The mobile apps we develop are secure and compliant with the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other app store requirements.


When we build a mobile application, we know sooner or later it will draw an increased number of users and, if the application is not scalable, it can result in degraded performance and can lead to loss of audience and business. Efficiently scaling your application enables it to handle more requests per time (RPM) and provides a flawless experience to your users.

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