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Techlify’s cloud services offers many benefits to an organization, including faster and more efficient use of IT resources. Our use of advanced technology is particularly effective for handling web applications or service needs during high traffic and peak hours. It also decreases the risk of data breaches because it has a high-level encryption system in place that can protect any vulnerable information on your systems from being accessed by external operators.

Our cloud software development offer businesses lower infrastructure as well as operational costs, so you can handle work with high bandwidth requirements without worrying too much about your budget!

We also provide cloud application development services that go hand-in-hand with our other software development services. Whether its mobile apps developemnt to desktop applications to information systems, we can integrate the use of the cloud into these applications to ensure scalability, backups and all the benefits of the cloud.

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Cloud Software development From Techlify

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS includes infrastructure like dedicated hardware and storage space and network access, along with security, maintenance, and software

Software as a Service

SaaS simply allows you to access the required software over the internet without the hassle of installation and maintenance, thus saving you time, money and complex management issues.

Platform as a Service

PaaS allows users to develop, run and manage applications without having any of the hassle involved with code development or maintaining infrastructure.

Internet of Things

Increased reliance on the Internet of things has significantly revolutionized the industries using IoT platforms of one kind or the other. Iot is a way for devices to connect within a network environment.

Mobile Games

We provide a comprehensive mobile game solution for 2D or 3D highly engaging games. Also, the powerful live-ops solution ensures high visibility, higher performance, and revenue growth.

Location Sensing

Location Sensing Apps allow tracking a person’s physical and geographical location constantly as it communicates with other devices and hubs to function.

How can our Cloud Solutions and Services benefit your business?

Increased performance and faster load times

faster performance

Seamless Integration with existing systems

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Access to any device, anytime, anywhere

mobile application development

We ensure providing top-notch User experience designs which enhance customer acquisitions and helps with customer retention. By employing an efficient user experience design facilitates engagement which in turn increases productivity.

Enhanced Hardware and software performance

happy employee

Enhanced storage with Increased bandwidth

best mobile app development services

Streamlined collaboration with real-time sharing

collaborative environment

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Direct Bank Payment

Tired of personally depositing payments? Or worse yet writing cheques? Through ACH reports, deposits can now be electronically made when disbursement is approved in Techlify Payroll.

Recurring Allowances/Deductions

With our Payroll Software, you can manage recurring allowances and deductions quite easily. Just opt for the payments that need to be recurring, and you are good to go.

Preview, Review, and Release

With our preview option, you can now easily review the monthly payroll before approval. Moreover, it also makes it convenient to do corrections right away saving time.

Smart Bulk Import

If you have huge yearly payroll data that is in Excel sheets, paper, or other software, worry not. Techlify Payroll comes with a Smart Bulk Import feature that helps migrate your data smoothly.

Modify and Revise Salaries

Adding new employees into payroll and modifying the salary and compensation benefits of existing employees could be done with no complexity with our Payroll Software.

Tracking and Auditing

We give you complete transparency of the software by keeping a record of the changes and additions. So you can be sure of statutory compliance with audit trails.

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Get Reliable and On-Demand Access To All Your Applications

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