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Techlify offers a full spectrum of application software design, development, maintenance and support services for custom software applications using technologies such as Electron, Java, C and C#. Our expert team of developers build and deliver the best possible custom software solution for your business through our processes which starts with ideation and goes all the way up until maintenance and customer support.

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Our Custom Software Development Offers

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Comprehensive Product Development

We provide an end-to-end customized application software solution that covers every aspect of modern software development to perfectly meet our clients’ expectations and requirements.

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With our top-notch cloud-based solutions, you can move your applications with ease and enjoy the benefits of scalability. We offer both enterprise-level software development services and individual plans to fit your individual needs.

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Enterprise Software Development

We help you change the way people work by building future-proof enterprise software that solves real-world problems. Be it a brand-new requirement or improving an existing product, our team has you covered.



We understand the need for custom ERP application that will help improve efficiency, productivity and profitability with the help of our customized platform to suit your organisational requirement.

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SaaSD (Software as a Service Development)

We have the technology, skills and expertise to design and build your SaaS application development. We'll work with you every step of the way, providing scalable solutions that are reliable for years to come.


Custom HR and Payroll Solutions

We offer a complete payroll software and HR solution to streamline your entire human resource management system by digitizing all your payroll and HRMS functions, helping you save valuable time, effort and money.

How can our custom software development
benefit your business?

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Increase Efficiency & Productivity

We design custom software to boosts your company’s productivity and efficiency. We also make sure that the processes are running smoothly, which in turn improves how quickly products or applications can get off of the ground.

Provide Better Scalability

Our custom software solutions provide the opportunity to increase a business’ scalability as the company can grow on an increased scale and adapt to changing environmental factors. Our custom-built platforms also eliminate licensing fees related to packaged applications, so they’re more affordable for growing businesses.

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Improve Cost-Effectiveness

Our Custom software development gives you the power to design and develop your entire platform to suit your individual needs while also keeping it well within your budget. This further gives you the option to make changes, additions or deletions at any time without breaking a sweat.

Allows for Seamless Integration

Our custom-built applications are designed to integrate seamlessly with an organization’s existing infrastructure, thus making them easy and efficient while also drastically reducing integration costs.

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Optimize & Automate Workflows

Our custom software development offer organizations the opportunity to increase efficiency by accommodating unique and individual requirements. We can tailor these solutions to specifically optimize and automate your workflow, thus cutting down repetitive tasks and ensuring maximum productivity. 

Enhance Your Profitability

Our custom software development services is the perfect solution for any business looking to make their processes more efficient and boost revenue. By developing customized tools with scalability, you can enhance your company’s capabilities in order to increase profits exponentially.

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Provide Effective Maintenance & Support

Our custom software development services come with a dedicated team to support and better assist you in efficiently managing any technical queries or difficulties you may have at any time.

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Get Your Software Developed

To leverage our unique expertise to build reliable custom software to help enhance your business.

Get Your Software Developed

To leverage our unique expertise to build reliable customized application software to help enhance your business.


Direct Bank Payment

Tired of personally depositing payments? Or worse yet writing cheques? Through ACH reports, deposits can now be electronically made when disbursement is approved in Techlify Payroll.

Recurring Allowances/Deductions

With our Payroll Software, you can manage recurring allowances and deductions quite easily. Just opt for the payments that need to be recurring, and you are good to go.

Preview, Review, and Release

With our preview option, you can now easily review the monthly payroll before approval. Moreover, it also makes it convenient to do corrections right away saving time.

Smart Bulk Import

If you have huge yearly payroll data that is in Excel sheets, paper, or other software, worry not. Techlify Payroll comes with a Smart Bulk Import feature that helps migrate your data smoothly.

Modify and Revise Salaries

Adding new employees into payroll and modifying the salary and compensation benefits of existing employees could be done with no complexity with our Payroll Software.

Tracking and Auditing

We give you complete transparency of the software by keeping a record of the changes and additions. So you can be sure of statutory compliance with audit trails.




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