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We are a leading technology-driven network & IT services company in Guyana that provides reliable IT & Tech support to both small and large companies. Our team is committed to improving your productivity, increasing business processes exponentially with our highly specialized services and affordable prices.

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In today’s digital age, the success of most businesses largely depends on the smooth and efficient functioning of your IT and Network systems.

This is where having an expert, experienced and reliable IT and Network support partner makes all the difference.

At Techlify, we offer a variety of customised IT support services for start-ups and small organisations all the way to large businesses and organisations.

We offer personalized service plans, tailored specifically around what you need at any given time, as there is no one size fits all solution anymore.

Benefits of Techlify's Network & IT support

Experienced Support

With more than 6 years of experience, we are experts serving Guyana with a combined experience in providing IT infrastructure & network amp; Support services.

Enhanced Productivity

Our experts will be working to create a strategic approach customized as per your objectives & targets so that you may concentrate on your business goals.

24/7 Customer Service

Any IT or system issues arise, our network support technician team of experts is on hand to assist and advise you within 2 hrs, even on weekends & holidays with 24/7 support.

Reduced Risk

Half-yearly security audits are also carried out to provide full-proof security systems to secure your data and network.

Data Backup & Recovery

Committed to identify potential threats to servers, network, or files, promptly backing up and recovery of your data, the recommendation for any improvements required to bolster performance and security

Mitigated Downtime and Outages

24/7 proactive remote monitoring and proactive computer network specialists can ensure your system to run smoothly with fewer problems.

Understand how having an I.T support team can benefit your business and save you time, energy and money!

Our Network & IT Services

Our goal is to provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective network and cloud infrastructure with top-of-the-line cyber-security solutions that are tailor-made to suit your individual requirements.

computer hardware and software maintenance

General Maintenance & Repair

Routine hardware checks, software updates, OS updates and file-structure related services. These services shall be provided on a monthly basis and as otherwise reasonably necessary or requested by Client.

Network Management, Upgrades & Installation

Maintaining a fully functional network, ensuring that all computers and devices are working properly. We will provide installation and configuration of replacement computers and network devices. Wi-Fi installation and maintenance.

network installation and management
computer software maintenance

Software and Firmware Upgrades

Testing, installing and updating software, operating systems and device firmware as newer versions are released to ensure security compliance and compatibility with newer technologies.

Computer & Device Maintenance

We ensure that all computers are connected to the network, working properly and secure. We take care of periodically upgrading and maintaining computers, hardware and software.

device maintenance
server installation and maintenance

Server Installation & Maintenance

Our server management service includes:
1. General Maintenance – General tasks such as DNS changes, hosting plans setup, email account maintenance and permissions and configurations.
2. Managing of domains, drives and sharing of the server
3. Managing your file system, permissions and access control

Cloud Storage & Data Backups

Cloud storage and automated backups are important to prevent against data loss. We configure, periodically check and maintain your cloud storage and backups.

cloud management
hardware maintenance

Hardware & Software Troubleshooting

Isolate the cause of the problem(s) in the computing environment. Note: In some rare situations (such as hardware failure or incompatible hardware or software), issues may not be resolvable.

Network Security & System Audits

Installation of hardware and/or software to provide reasonable network security and virus protection. A security audit will also be done at our 6-monthly audit.

A half-yearly audit is done on all computers and equipment to ensure software is up-to-date, test hardware for failure, and ensure that all devices are in good working order. This audit would also cover security testing on the network and ensuring that computers are free from viruses and malware.

enterprise software development
exit process management

Wi-Fi Services and Wi-Fi Installation

The importance of a fast Wi-Fi service is something that everyone can appreciate. You want to be able to offer presentations, videos and even have a meeting without having any issues with buffering or dark spots where the signal feels extremely weak or slow.

At Techlify, we make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is consistent and at its maximum speed for your home or business. From running cables to installing access points or routers, we help you get the most out of Wi-Fi installation services. We can also limit speeds for guests or staff members who may be pulling too much bandwidth on your network.

Security Camera (CCTV) Installation

We all know the importance of having a good and reliable security system for the benefit of your staff and personnel. Here at Techlify, we help you keep a close eye on your business with our security camera (CCTV) installation service in Guyana. The security feed can also be accessed via mobile phone and other mobile devices (which requires internet), all this at a very reasonable cost. We work with many highly reputed CCTV brands including HikVision, Dahua and GW Security, to get you the configuration that best suits your requirements and budget.

With our highly trained team of professionals, you can rest assured that there are no blind spots in your security (CCTV) system, while also providing periodic CCTV maintenance services, so your security camera systems are always running at their efficient best.

cctv camera installation

To know more about our it and tech support services

We support your business with Networking & IT services will provide you a high return on your investment. Our experts are here to help you out with your business needs.

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Techlify brought structure to our systems, with more unified and smooth flowing operations. Their accessibility is what I really like, along with their services being very economical and effective.

Marissa Bujan

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