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An organization’s go-to toll to help identify the sources of unacceptable outcomes and implement course corrections towards positive and growth-oriented outcomes.

“A highly intuitive tool that helps organizations to actively track and identify gaps in employee behavior that can otherwise severely limit the outcome of a company’s performance and its progress towards its long-term goals.”

Davitri Doerga, CEO ActionInvest

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Conduct & Incident Management

Help employers to identify and keep track of every single employee, with regard to incidents that can be potentially damaging to the organization’s goals and reputation.

Process adherence Infraction Reports

The system lets you immediately report and record any incidents of process deviation or non-adherence so that the due process of investigation and corrective measures can be initiated.

Ethical & Cultural Non-Adherence

Recognizing nonwork or process related issues is key to the growth and development of any organization. This can be ethical, behavioral or cultural in nature where a more sensitive and human response has to be initiated.

Using TechlifyHR, the course of action for all identified incidents or infractions are as follows

  • Detecting

  • Reporting

  • Responding

  • Remediation

  • Corrective Actions

  • Follow-up Review

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Reports in Discipline & Development

6 to 9 months

salary of an employee is the average cost to the company to replace him/her.


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