Employee Self Service

Access from Anywhere.
Empowers Employees!

Our ESS Portal provides organizations the ability to consolidate all their information into a user-friendly digital space that can easily be accessed by employees from anywhere and at any time.

“The ESS portal empower employees to access and update personal information, download forms, manage leaves, and much more.”

Davitri Doerga, CEO ActionInvest

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Explore our Employee Self Service Module

Leave & Holiday Management

All leave requests and information about employees’ balances are available on any device, including mobile phones or desktops.

Payroll & Tax Information

Employees can now access their payslips and view various statements such as reimbursements, total earning reports, and tax forms (Form 7B).

GPS - Time Management

With this module, employees can clock in and out with GPS location, while also marking their attendance via their mobile devices or desktops.

Appraisals & Reviews

Allows for a fair and transparent appraisal system, where employees can view their targets and objectives, along with feedback and recognition.

Employee Information Update

Allows employees to easily access and update their own personal details. Thus making sure everything is up-to-date while also reducing the workload of HR Professionals.

Learning & Development

Employees can instantly access and track their training requirements, completion dates, and recommended or optional training offerings.

Engage, Empower, and Enrich Your Employees

Collect, sort & maintain all your organization’s data in a single secure location.

Reports in Employee Information System

35% to 50%

of an HR exective’s time is estimated to be spent on manual data entry.


Let us show you how TechlifyHR can help empower your employees, while also reducing the workload of your HR team.