The Client

Founded in 1986, B.M.Soat Auto Sales started a “buy here, pay here” Auto Sales, began selling recondition Japanese vehicles. The concept proved to be a success. With time, B.M.Soat Auto Sales became one of the largest auto sales dealers in Guyana.

We have moved to larger facilities to better fulfill our customers needs and we keep adding new locations to accommodate our growing inventory. If you visit us, you will be greeted by a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous staff and management team. Our huge selection of makes and models permits us to offer our customers a great variety to choose from. B.M.Soat Auto Sales offers services you can’t find anywhere else. We can help you find the vehicle or vehicles that you are looking for and assist you with all parts. With years of hands-on experience in all aspects of the business, you will feel the difference when you walk in the door.

About this project

Client Challenges:

The client (BM Soat) came to the appalling realization that their customer base was getting too large for the current system which was in place (paper based). Constantly client’s information, records and money was either misplaced or miscalculated in this chaotic system which was proving to be destructive for the company’s image and financial position. Statistically the business was losing sales which resulted in less profit, which resulted from the slow and inconvenient customer service which was unavoidable due to manually searching through 1000’s of records to find the information that was needed for one task or customer, this in turned only allowed one person to view  document/search for a document at a time.

However the larger issue was the accountability for records, this was very concerning because it became a major security risk for the company and gravely affected customer relationships.

Additionally from a human resource point of view it was evident that staff were constantly burdened with redundant tasks which caused them to be overworked and more inclined to commit human errors which was a major problem. Since the entire system was paper based there was no backup for any information (no accountability) and the client also realized they had to hire more staff members since the system was ungovernable.


 Client System:

The client used a paper based system that was kept in a file cabinet, this required a section of staff being solely responsible for the retrieval of records, weekly manual reviews for the calculation of outstanding payments and another section of staff conducting weekly inspections for expired vehicle insurance.

This system was incapable of being backed-up with almost zero accountability and security.



Our solution:

We Techlify proposed an Eauto software which would automate most if not all the client’s data, this covered a spectrum of features such as:

Administrative User Management
2. Customer Management
3. Sales Management
4. Payments Management

Outstanding Payments Management
6. Insurance Management
7. Vehicle & Inventory Management
8. Manage Exchange Rates
9. Admin Users Activity Logging
10. Generating Sales and Payments Reports


The client now experienced a euphoric sense of peace knowing that the accountability, integrity, productivity and reliability of the company’s standards exceeded its competitors.

The system now executes these functions that allow more efficient and effective work:-

  • Automation-all calculations and reporting are automatically generated (arrears, expired insurances, VAT reports, inventory checklist, etc…)
  • Generate report-receivable, accountant, GRA, bank, stock, etc…
  • Multi user access control, audit trails– each staff in your organization would have their own accounts that are limited to their roles. All changes done to data is recorded.
  • Real-time updates-all updates are immediately reflected to all other users, allowing for live collaboration and immediate information sharing.
  • Efficiency-the system automates redundant work calculations and reporting that is usually very time consuming, this allows staff more time on other business development activities.
  • Work from home- the app is hosted on the cloud, allowing you and your team to work from anywhere in the world. You can be at home and review all activities.




“ With staff, bad debts, insurance losses, stealing, I save over 700k/month and nuff grey hair. “

  • RameezMohamed,BMSoat