Website Maintenance & Upgrades

Periodic maintenance & upgrades are essential to ensure optimal performance, security, and superior user experience.

How we go about maintaining & periodically upgrading your website

Conduct a Website Audit

Carry out a detailed assessment of your website’s current performance, design, and functionality to identify areas of improvement.

Update Software and Plugins

Make sure that all your website’s software resources and plugins are up-to-date for enhanced security and optimized performance.

Identify and Repair Broken Links

Broken links greatly harm user experience and SEO. We utilize tools like Google Analytics to detect and mend them accordingly.

Evaluate and Boost Site Speed

Slow page load times can deter visitors and affect SEO. Prioritize speed enhancements for optimal user experience.

Backup website

Periodically backup website data to ensure that it can be quickly restored in case of a security breach or other issues.

Monitor Website Performance

Regularly monitor website performance to identify areas for improvement on key aspects like web traffic and user behaviour.


Provide comprehensive reports, and comparative performance metrics before and after Techlify’s contribution to the project.

Grow Your Audience & Boost Your Sales

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