Software Design

Software design encompasses the first 3 stages of our Software Development Process, which are:

Sample Projects


Pinktree is a British real estate self-serve website that functions as a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. It integrates basic buying and selling functionality with professional services, identity verification, etc. to make the website your single-location for all real estate needs.

Techlify Projects

There are so many amazing tools out there for project management; none of these worked well for us at Techlify. We needed a product that allows cross department collaboration, provide developer style UIs, team productivity reports and facilitates remote collaboration all in one… Techlify Projects was born.

Techlify Inventory

Inventory is so simple, yet… all the solutions out there are so complicated, and none seem to do the basics well enough… Techlify Inventory is a simple solution to manage your Products, Stock, Suppliers, Warehouses and understand your transactions, trends, stock value… all the basic inventory needs, to keep your inventory life simple.

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