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WHY B.I. ?

Business intelligence (B.I.) combines business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations to make more data-driven decisions. In practice, you know you’ve got modern business intelligence when you have a comprehensive view of your organization’s data and use that data to drive change, eliminate inefficiencies, and quickly adapt to market or supply changes.

Why Techlify B.I.


A core feature of our product suite is Automation, redundant tasks such as calculations and report creation can be automated providing improved accuracy and saves time

Rich Featureset

Our BI Software provides a rich feature set of business information, analysis and reports to assist your organization in making data-driven decisions. Data across your software suite can be integrated.


We build products with simplicity at the core, while still being full featured. Our products are built to simplify your work life, and we achieve this through intuitive user interfaces and workflows.


We don't deliver products and leave your team to work with it, we have a support team that will be available to assist you for as long as you use our products!

Constant Improvement

We are constantly developing and improving our product suite. New features and functionalities are added weekly along with improvements to current functionality.


While our products have a standard version that is suitable to most organizations, if there is a specific customization need to suit your company, we can provide this.

Business Integration

All products in our suite are integrated and work well together. Transactions across Accounting, Inventory, POS, eCommerce & HRMS can all be integrated and shared.

Efficiency & Accuracy

Software can perform tasks such as report generation and calculation that usually take days, within seconds; all while doing these tasks with utmost accuracy.

Saves Time, Energy & Money

Efficiency, coupled with automation and accountability, time is saved on automated tasks, rechecks, auditing, and other areas. Time that can be spent with family.

Understand how our software suite can benefit your business and save you time, energy and money!

WAYS Techlify B.I. Can benefit your organization

Increase Profits

With integration across your HR Management, Accounting, POS, Inventory, etc., there are a number of reports and data points that can be provided to assist you in increasing profits.

 For example: Techlify B.I. can help you understand your team’s performance across teams, showing you how changes in team performance, training, appraisals help to increase or decrease productivity.

Analyze Behavior & Understand Customers

Customer shopping history, trends over different periods of the year, growth of your customer base, changes in demand and supply for specific products, etc. can all be analyzed and provided in simple data formats.

Understand Competitors

Changes in your market shares, competitor market shares, locations, population growth and population shifts can all be taken into consideration to help you better understand your competitors.

Track Performance

With Appraisals in our HRMS software, project execution in Techlify Projects , and various trends such as hiring, salaries, productivity, exit management can show a multitude of information on how various organizational decisions are causing shifts within your team’s performance.

Optimize Operations

How much time does your warehouse staff spend fetching product X? What if we are to shift the shelf for the fastest growing demand product to the front of your warehouse? 

How much time is spent transferring products between warehouses? What is the cost benefit analysis of stocking more of product X at each warehouse, instead of shifting packages of product X often between warehouses?

What if you had this information at your fingertips and can make simple tweaks to optimize your operations, thereby saving time and energy?

Predict Success

Based on Market Trends, customer trends, team performance and various shifts in activities, Techlify B.I. can provide data that helps to predict future success of products, teams, markets, etc.

Discover Market Trends

How much is the younger generation using Product X, or do they favor product Y instead? How much is the spending power of this younger generation increasing yearly? And how much will their demands be for product Y next year?

With live information on changing demands on various types of product and services, shifts in your competitors, population shifts, Techlify B.I. can provide predictive analysis on upcoming market trends.

Discover Issues or Problems

Deeply hidden challenges within a company can be hidden in everyday activity, however, data is usually able to share these challenges.

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