Techlify Definitions



Pronunciation - [tek-lee-fi]


To make a positive change to something with the introduction and integration of modern technology.

Example of usage

“He really needs to techlify his business to start seeing better results”

Business Techlification Booklet

Techlification” is the process where we, Techlify Inc. through a combination of advanced digital technologies and platforms, guide and transform your business into a highly efficient and effective unit of digital operations.



Ponunciation - [tek-lee-fi-ka-shen]


It is the act or process of digitizing and improving something like a process with the proper integration of clever, modern technology.  

Example of usage

“Techlification is going to completely change the way people do business”

marketing team techlify

Digital Marketing Services

A full spectrum of digital services including web design, SEO, SMM, content marketing & more.


Past Tense/ Past Participle of Techlify

Pronunciation - [tek-lee-fied]


It is the state of having undergone the process of techlification or the process of digitizing and upscaling a process or a functional entity like a business. or an organisation

Example of usage

“They’ve made remarkable progress ever since they got techlified”

HRMS guyana

Techlify HRMS

Techlify HRMS is a complete Payroll and HR software solution that helps businesses and organizations streamline their payroll and human resource management system. 

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