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Restoring the entire video surveillance, recording and networking set-up.

Tiger Offshore Rentals is a leading international provider of specialty rental equipment to the upstream offshore oil and gas market. Head-quartered in Texas, USA, Tiger rentals can be considered a specialist in providing key services in the area of Waste Management & Disposal for shore-based oil & Gas sector in Guyana.

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Tiger Rentals

Tiger Offshore Rentals is a leading global provider of speciality rental equipment to the upstream energy market.


Oil & Gas

Company Size

80 to 100

Customer Needs

As a major service provider for the Oil & Gas sector, Tiger Rentals is required to have a full-fledged video surveillance and record keeping system. This system has to be functioning at a 100% efficiency at all times so to stay in line with the various safety standards and industry best practices.

The company cannot afford any lapse or downtime with such a crucial part of their operations as it covers areas such as 

Initial State

The customer had an existing video surveillance network already in place, which was setup and remotely monitored by a team in Trinidad. This created a number of challenges when it came to issues in the hardware or in the physical network that can only be looked into and worked on by a on site team of experts. One of the biggest challenges or setbacks that the customer faced was a total blackout of their entire video system which was a total systems failure of around 15 to 20 cameras.

server installation and maintenance

Our Solution

This is where our team of experts from Techlify’s IT and Network Support came in. The initial challenge was to identify the root cause of the issue which could have been anything from a hardware malfunction, a software failure or a networking issue. this was done by systematically testing and eliminating the most commonly occurring issues one-by-one.

Development & Adoption Plan

With a very strict timeline provided by the customer, our Network and IT Support team did not have the necessary time to do a full investigation as their top priority was to get system back up and running as soon as possible.




Hardware Testing

The first task the team performed was to test the cameras (equipment, power supply and cable connections) and found them to be in proper working condition. Once we eliminated equipment failure, the most likely explanation for the problem would be a networking issue.

System Diagnostics

With the team facing a very narrow timeline not allowing us to pin point the source of the problem, the team took a logical decision to undertake the task of completely redoing the entire operational network.

This meant resetting and testing all the security cameras as well as reinstating them both physically and logically and in some cases re-crimping the ends of the cable.

We firstly started with diagnostics and research trying to pinpoint the source of the issue, we wanted to be absolutely certain that this was not a simple issue that required and easy fix for e.g slack cable connection to DVR, No internet from the router to the DVR, firmware updates, IP conflict with DVR/cameras and other devices etc. 

Full System Reset

After concluding this, our next step was to reset the cameras with a specialized tool called SADP, which would allow us create an XML that we could export and email to the support team and after confirmation they would send back an encrypted file that could be imported into the DVR and would allow the user to reset. However there was one issue, which was that the technical support were not able to confirm the model number of the device.

So we were only left with one option: going to each camera one by one and resetting them. This took us about 5 weeks to complete because of limitations as it pertains to weather and availability of the manlift.


  1. After restoring everything to working order we had a very satisfied client and a better working relationship.
  2. Gained a better understanding of the camera layout/placement and the issue at hand for future reference.

Client Videos

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Customer Testimonial

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Project Snaps

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