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Techlify HRMS is a complete Payroll and HR software solution that helps businesses and organizations streamline their payroll and human resource management system. Our technology has helped our clients to digitize their payroll and hr management functions – some even being able to complete monthly hr payroll within 5 minutes.

Benefits of hr software solutions


A core feature of our product suite is Automation, redundant tasks such as calculations and report creation can be automated providing improved accuracy and saves time.


Our human resource management system software systems provide audit trails to every action that is performed on data, ensuring that each team member is accountable for their actions. All changes and records are tracked.


We build hrms software with simplicity at the core, while still being full-featured. Our products are built to simplify your work life, and we achieve this through intuitive user interfaces and workflows.


We don't deliver products and leave your team to work with them, we have a support team that will be available to assist you for as long as you use our products!

Constant Development

We are constantly developing and improving our hr management system. New features and functionalities are added weekly, along with improvements to current functionality.


While our human resource management solution have a standard version that is suitable to most organizations, if there is a specific customization needed to suit your company, we can provide this.

Business Integration

All products in our suite are integrated and work well together. Your business transactions across Accounting, Inventory, POS, eCommerce, and HRMS can all be integrated and shared.

Efficiency & Accuracy

The human resource management system can perform tasks such as report generation and calculation that usually take days, within seconds; all while doing these tasks with utmost accuracy.

Saves Time, Energy & Money

Efficiency, coupled with automation and accountability, time is saved on automated tasks, rechecks, auditing, and other areas. That time that can be spent with family.

Understand how our human resource management system software suite can benefit your business and save you time, energy and money!

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Techlify HRMS reduces payroll processing time on average by 70%

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