Modernize Your IT & Network Infrastructure for Business Transformation

 IT & Network Support Service or Digital transformation is a term that refers to using the latest generation of digital technology to help businesses streamline operations and offer greater value to their customers. There is no set definition of IT and support services/digital transformation of business. Instead, each company should combine the latest technologies in a way that best suits their own needs and goals.

Some of the Technologies that companies employ as part of the digital transformation strategies include :

  • A cutting-edge, well-maintained website
  • Custom business software
  • Business intelligence solutions
  • Process automation and integrations
  • Next-generation intranet sites

Taking advantage of the latest digital technologies can lead to better productivity and efficiency, but only when they’re properly implemented. The latest research shows that nearly 70% of digital transformation efforts either fail or stall, often due to a lack of talent or poorly defined expectations.

To help encourage businesses that have already had a digital transformation initiative stall, and those who haven’t started on their transformation yet, we’ve created this guide to jump-starting your digital transformation initiative.

Start by Defining Your Criteria for Success

For any digital transformation project to succeed, it’s important that you have a specific sense of what success means. The more specific this vision can be, the better, especially at companies that are new to digital transformation.

success criteria
  1. Identify a process or system that isn’t functioning
  2. Find technologies that could help you improve it
  3. Evaluate the proposed digital transformation solution
  4. Define KPIs for digital transformation projects
  5. Design and implement the solution
  6. Check and iterate as necessary

While this process can be difficult for businesses that lack in-house expertise, it’s vital to ensuring that you don’t squander your budget and resources. Companies that don’t have the in-house talent to manage this evaluation process often seek the help of a digital transformation expert.

Get a IT & Network Business Intelligence That Keeps You Focused on Customer Needs

IT & Network Business

The word “digital transformation” is a bit misleading, because it sounds like the focus should be on technology when it should always be on providing an improved experience to your customers. While you could better understand your clients by sitting down and talking with them face to face, it’s more effective to use a business intelligence (BI) system to better understand their behavior and needs.

  • Gather data from across your organization
  • Visualize conversion rates and other sales metrics
  • Create attractive business reports with ease
  • Eliminate error-prone spreadsheets

Not only do business intelligence systems help you gain faster, higher-quality customer insights, they can also help you communicate those insights across your organization more effectively, making them an excellent starting point for a digital transformation initiative.

Your clients demand a better experience 33% of all consumers who ended their relationship with a company last year, did so because the experience wasn’t personalized enough.

Automate Tedious Work to Optimize Business Efficiency

Business efficiency

Inefficient processes are a productivity killer. Employees are juggling more tools than ever before, often within a single hour. The result is reduced attention, lowered morale, and poor productivity. The new, digitized workplace eliminates as many of those inefficiencies as possible through Business process automation (BPA).

What processes are ripe for automation in your company?

  • Repetitive tasks that sap employee time and energy
  • Work that has a low tolerance for error
  • Processes that span different departments or systems

Automating processes is a great place to begin your digital transformation strategy, as they can often lead to immediate cost savings and efficiency gains. They can be especially helpful at small and mid sized companies, where staff members are more likely to be juggling various duties. If you’re curious about the benefits of BPA, you can read more at the website of our dedicated digital transformation division

Creating a Culture of Digital Transformation

digital transformation

Digital transformation is as much a cultural process as it is a technological one. To ensure the success of your transformation, you must communicate the importance of your digital transformation initiative throughout your organization and build a strong foundation of support from your team. One of the most effective ways to do that is with a custom business intranet.

The Intranet is Reborn in the Digital Age

Once a dry corporate afterthought, the Intranet has been re-imagined with the help of the latest technologies. Today, the Intranet can be a dynamic, colorful hub that allows your staff to share ideas, collaborate more effectively, and familiarize themselves with all the new workflows and processes that come with your digital transformation initiatives.

Why are companies in the digital transformation age building custom Intranets?

  • Better On-Boarding Procedures
    Start building a robust digital culture on day one. Having a modern intranet allows you to offer new employees a customized, attractive set of resources, including widgets and welcome pages, that sets a forward-thinking, tech-friendly tone. It also provides new hires with an attractive forum to communicate with existing staff and better integrate with your team.
  • Greater Employee Engagement
    A modern intranet isn’t just for new employees; it can also help to create a better sense of engagement for your current team as well. Intranets give you a centralized location to promote company events and facilitate communications between departments, who might not otherwise communicate with each other, building a stronger sense of teamwork and unity.

We invite any company that’s interested in making the most of their digital transformation to reach out and ask how they can make the most of that initiative. Our helpful team of service-oriented engineers and technologists are eager to help!

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