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Can you do your payroll in 3 minutes?

Yes, you can!

Our newest string of updates keeps you – the user-at heart.

Do you get tired of inputting the same data over and over when creating a payroll? Now, whenever you create a new payroll form, the criteria you selected in your last payroll are automatically pre-filled in the form. This update cuts down your payroll creation time, allowing you to get back to other tasks!

payroll form

Additional updates and fixes highlighted this week include an Employee View Page Redesign.
The redesign features easy access to all the important information you need to see while being easy on the eyes.

employee personal information

We’ve also done tons of work behind the scenes to make your continued Techlify HRMS experience a smooth one; including updating NIS contribution Formulas updates in order to keep you tax compliant as they change. Other updates include Leave Management Module fixes and User Experience improvements to enhance your HRMS journey.

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