How mobiles are reshaping the HR industry & employee well-being

With tech-savvy millennials and tech native Gen Z now dominating the workforce, it is no surprise that technology is reshaping the work environment – specifically the HR industry. 

New business models are being developed while old ones are being phased out. As a result, social media, new technology, and data analytics are transforming the way people interact, cooperate, and work. In today’s environment, business competitiveness is akin to a fight for attracting the best employees. With that said, how about we take a look at the benefits it’ll have on your company?

Mobile Applications

With Organizations having to continuously innovate in order to remain competitive, mobile applications gradually became accepted as a standard operating procedure. By utilizing mobile technology:

  • Candidate evaluation becomes considerably faster and more efficient as a result of the option to finish work whenever it is convenient, allowing HR teams to read over CVs in greater depth and ensuring that no good applicants are disregarded.
  • Increased employee engagement – HR tools, such as training apps, can boost employee engagement by providing more interactive material (videos, podcasts and gamification), this not only makes training more enticing but also makes learning easier.
  • Improving data gathering using software, such as Google Analytics, can provide staff with valuable data for analysis while also encouraging them to finish training. Employees can also utilize data to track their own success and create new goals for themselves.

SaaS Applications

The HR SaaS (Software as a Service) application is a human resource software that serves as a comprehensive solution for managing all human resource tasks and can be accessed from a smartphone. Applicant monitoring, time and attendance management, computerized forms, payroll management and recruitment are all examples of this.

SaaS applications that help the HR department:

LinkedIn Recruiting Service: 

LinkedIn, also known as a professional network, assists recruiting departments by offering the necessary tools and identifying qualified applicants with relevant profiles.

Google Docs: 

Google Docs enables organizations to share information quickly and easily. The application aids in the streamlining of the procedure and the collection of data. is a Guyanese employment management platform comparable to Indeed and LinkedIn that allows users to locate jobs whether they have completed their studies or not. HR can also use to help them with the interview process.

Adopting HR SaaS Applications

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, adopting technology into your everyday work life has one huge advantage: Convenience.

Some employees may be on the move, on the road, or without access to a computer for the majority of the day, if at all. Rather than bombarding employees with emails that may or may not be read, why not reach out to them where you know they will be attentive?

Since the average person spends about five hours a day on their phone, it’s likely that if you send a push notification to employees on a device, they’ll be more likely to consume and engage with the material. Whether it’s sending them push alerts reminding them of meetings (so they don’t miss an update) or sending out a notice that you are having a company event.

Additionally, both employers and employees will be able to receive real-time notifications and updates as new tasks are allocated to them or if any other changes are made, making coordinating workflows, allocating tasks, and tracking project progress much easier.

These are just a few of the advantages of incorporating technology, but it’s crucial to remember that employees are unlikely to give up their smartphones anytime soon. So why not take advantage of the time they spend online and on their apps by providing an employee app that contains all of your information in one place, demonstrating to your employees that you care about what makes them happy? 

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