Celebrate, with our BEST Payroll Design yet!

Techlify turns 7! and we are elated to bring you a really special update in our new app version release/2.16.0.

Payroll re-defined and re-designed

Celebrate with us with our newly revamped payroll form for greater ease of use. This payroll form rivals our previous pop-up form by giving you greater functionality. For the first time, you can see summary information on the payroll you are creating including any employees who do not have any salaries for this period.

payroll form

This new payroll form also automatically names your payrolls for you using the time period and branch or department you’ve selected. How cool is that? Don’t worry, you can edit it to suit your style. Did we say best payroll design ever?

It gets better.

Leave Management Reports

Can your leave management process get any easier? Oh, yes!
We have rolled out a very functional, very easy-to-use leave reports section in our software that allows you to track the types of leaves being taken by employees, leave types by departments, and averages of overall leave days taken. These new features will complement our existing summary reports.

Thinking about making the leap into data-driven business decisions?

Here’s something cool. One of our new reports shows you a breakdown of leaves cost per department. So now, you can make data-driven business decisions.

leave management report
monthly leave report
Here’s to simplifying your work-life; forever

Over the past 7 years, we have grown to include awesome features, designs, and an amazing customer support team to help you streamline your HR and payroll workflow. We love working with you!

Remember, contact our support team with any concerns, requests, or queries.

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