Greater control, in your hands

In this week’s update (release/2.14.0), experience greater controls, fewer errors, a better User Interface, and an even better leave management system.

Leave Management

We have built out a more detailed leave days report which captures all of the leave-related data within the system to give you the most accurate breakdown you’ll ever find! We have introduced reports on all aspects of leaves, allowing you to view data for

  • Overall Company Leaves,
  • Specific Department and branches,
  • Different Leave Types leave type.

These reports can also be viewed as graphs and statistic breakdowns and be exported for wider use.

Leave management


Secondly, your paysheet will see improvements in their sorting abilities, allowing you to see data based on relevance. Our new sort fields include sorting by ascending and descending order for employee names, basic salaries, etc.

Included in this update is the expansion of the paysheet PDF Export functionality for improved data capturing.

Paysheet management

Additionally, we have introduced a Timesheets listing page where you can view all timesheet entries across your organization. As is typical with the software, these entries can be filtered by status and period.

Timesheet management


Thirdly, we have made your import experience a two-step process. What this means for you is that only when imports are 100% error-free will they be imported. All system-reported issues must be fixed before allowing the import. Accordingly, users are given the option to ‘re-upload- and replace the file at any point in the import process. All of this allows you greater control, in your hands.

Bank Account Import

This new feature allows you to import employees’ bank information in bulk, saving you tons of time!

Employee bank account

Coming Soon!

  • Payroll form redesign (Manage your payroll on a dedicated page)

Bugs Fixed

  • Software upated to reflect exact amount of employees in active training in real-time.
  • Software updated to auto-refresh employee detail page when employee classification is changed.
  • Role Permissions: Introduced new roles, fixed errors in old role permissions.
  • Re-application for leave for an already rejected date is now allowed.

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