Better performance, easier workflow

What better way to kick off the new month than with an easier workflow and better performance from your favourite HRMS software?
Let’s talk about version —

Design Updates

Who said human resource management needed to be boring? Our Appraisal Module has a better, more sleek look so you can actually enjoy what you do.

Appraisal dashboard showing updated changes

Employee Import improvements

When importing an employee, you can now specify their assigned department in the .csv file. This frees up your time from manually inputting this information after imports are complete.

Employee import section showing updated changes

Faster Performance

We know that simplifying your work life means having more time to invest in more things. So, we’ve made some improvements to our site to improve loading times and other performance-related issues within the system. These improvements will particularly impact you if you have lots of employees and salaries on the site.

Bank Letter Improvements

We love to make things easy for you. With our updates to the bank letter, now when you edit the details of the addressee, you can save your changes as a new template. This cuts out having to re-enter those same details every time you process your payroll and generate a bank letter. Talk about easier workflow and better performance!

Payroll bank letter showing updated changes
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