The easiest way to track employee leaves!

Employee Leave Calendar

Hello! See what’s new to your HRMS experience with the release of version ——. These last few weeks have seen the rollout of our simple employee leave calendar. Now, you can view and manage leaves with a whole new level of ease.

employee leave calendar

To access the employee leave calendar, navigate to your leave management module and select the calendar view on the navigation bar.

leave calendar


Did you know that you can appraise your employees with Techlify’s HRMS software? Our HRMS is packed with easy-to-use features that will save you time and simplify your work life.

This week, we’ve made even more improvements to our site. Check out what’s new below!

appraise employees
  • Improvements to the Appraisal Dashboard, including the appraisal creation form, Custom Templates and the overall user experience of the appraisal platform.
  • In addition to these, we have remodelled the dashboard to include new filters, columns with more useful information for you and appraisal submission performance updates. Now you can appraise employees in seconds!
appraise employees
Appraisal Custom Templates
appraisal template

Leave Management

  • Further, we have made general Leave Management Dashboard Improvements. These will allow you to have more useful items right at your fingertips!
  • Secondly, we have added new filters for you. You can now filter by Leave Policy, make use of additional columns, use the multiselect feature and issue a close date for any leave policy.
leave policy

Coming Soon:

  • Survey Module
  • Exit Process Management
  • Desktop Tracking
  • Team Lead Dashboard changes
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