Manage Employee certification and training with this new tool!

Certificate/Learning Management

‘Tis still the season to unravel a new feature that will give you all the scope you need to manage employee training and education.

We’re so excited to introduce our improved employee education section with the rollout of certificate management. This new feature will allow you to better manage employee training and certificates, with the ability to add details and track employee education. In addition, you can add expiration dates to certificates, which allows you to keep track of when employees need retraining.

Fun Fact!

Certificate expirations are now shown on the main dashboard, giving you even easier access to the information that matters!

Employee certification

For example, as illustrated below Aaron Beharry is certificated in both Project Management and Geography. His Geography certification does not expire. Conversely, his Project Management certification will need to be updated annually. Using our app ensures that you and your employees stay training compliant.

manage employee certification

The form shown below is an “add certificate” form. This allows you to fill in an employee name, dates of issuance and expiry – as is necessary, along with the issuer and type of certification. At the form’s end, you can add images or files related to the certification for your records.

add employee certificate

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