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The all-new ESS or Employee Self-Service Portal from Techlify HRMS is specifically designed to be extremely beneficial not just to HR Professionals, but to each and every employee in the organization.

Saves Time and Costs

Reduces Admin Work

Increase HR Eficiency

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With our HRMS ESS Portal, we give organizations the ability to consolidate all their information into a user-friendly digital space that can easily be accessed by employees from anywhere and at any time.
This helps businesses cut costs and time as employees now spend less time looking for certain information as the ESS provides a fast-track approach to processes like reviews, feedback, and approvals, thus helping cut down unnecessary delays and wait time. This also greatly helps boost employee satisfaction as the HRMS ESS portal now gives employees greatly improved access and communication within the organization.

Empower employees to update personal details, download forms, manage leaves, and many more.

Our Features

Leave & Holiday Management

Allows employees to apply for leaves from mobile phones, desktops, or any device. They can also view their leave balance and upcoming holidays.

Payroll & Tax Information

Enables employees to access payslips and view various statements such as reimbursements, total earning statements, and tax forms (Form 7B).

GPS - Time Management

Employees can easily mark attendance either via mobile phones or desktops. They can clock in and out with GPS location.

Appraisals & Reviews

Allows for a transparent appraisal and review system, where the employee can at any time view his/her targets, assignments and objectives, while also tracking feedback, rewards, and recognition from the employer.

Employee Information Update

Allows employees to easily access and update their own personal details. Thus making sure everything is up-to-date while also reducing the workload of HR Professionals.

Learning & Development

Employees can easily track their training requirements, completion dates, and recommended or optional training offerings.

Explore More

Payroll Software

Our payroll software is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. All it takes is a few key inputs and clicks, and your payslips, pay sheets and tax forms are ready.


The employee appraisal module is a component of Techlify HRMS that helps by utilizing the best of your workforce and gives unbiased performance reviews.

Employee Information System

An EIS allows the employees of the organization to perform more payroll and HR tasks independently so that you will have more time to manage your tasks when your staff is less dependent on you.

Exit Process Management

This practice of not giving the employee off-boarding process enough importance often opens up the organization to unnecessary financial, security and legal threats.

Training Development

Techlify HRMS provides a Training and Development module where you and your employees can easily track their training requirements, completion dates, and recommended or optional training offerings.



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