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This video will give you all the right reasons why you need to build a chatbot for your business.

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Technology: Hubspot Live Chat

With the LiveChat tool from HubSpot, businesses can now have new leads created in their pipeline as soon as they engage with them, with absolutely no coding involved. LiveChat is a fantastic way to engage your visitors, prospects and customers in real-time. With Live Chat, you can also connect the right people on your team automatically while completely eliminating the need for manual lead transfers or notifications of new information with the team.

As an added advantage, all your chat transcripts are automatically added to your HubSpot account, so you can focus less on administrative tasks and more time selling.

Hubspot Live Chat Integration allows you to:

  • Chat with visitors, prospects, and customers in real-time.
  • Have unlimited, personalized conversations at scale with chatbots.
  • Engage in contextual website chat conversations wherever you go.


Hubspot Live Chat comes as part of Hubspot’s Starter Package

How to create your own chatbot

Installing & Configuring Chatbot

This video will take you through HubSpot’s chatflow tool while covering different types of available chatflows and the basic building blocks that you need to create yourself a highly efficient chatbot.

How to add a live chat to your website

Quick Start  

This video is a detailed demonstration of how to add a live chat to your website using HubSpot.

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