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Technology : Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) is a collection of cloud computing software and products that offers an incredibly efficient way to work with all your business documents, emails and other related data, all on one platform. With access from anywhere at any time simply by logging into Google, you can now be more productive than ever before!

Benefits of tools such as GSuite or Office365

Having a professional company email with your company domain (eg: joshua [at] is sometimes done using your web host manager’s server and then used via Webmail or Microsoft Outlook. We’ve been transitioning more and more of our clients from server-hosted emails (BlueHost, GoDaddy, etc.) to GSuite recently. As an organization, there are a number

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How to Implement In your Organization

Google Workspace is a more technical process and we recommend reaching out to your IT support team to get Google Workspace purchased and configured. Techlify is also a certified Google Cloud Service Provider. Our team of experts can get Google Workspace set up and configured for you. Contact Us to get your Google Workspace set up & configured for your team. This process usually takes 2 working days.

Get Started Using Google Workspace Apps

Google Calendar - Beginner's Guide

In our fast changing remote workplace, Google calendar is one of the best places to facilitate team collaboration, schedule meetings and ensure that you have a clean schedule without conflicting appointments. 

This video gives you a quickstart guide for any Google Calendar beginner. If you already know how to use Google Calendar, you’d want to skip this one.  

Google Drive - Beginners Guide

Google Drive is another one of Google Workspace’s super apps, allowing you to share, collaborate and manage access to all of your company’s documents and files. 

Further to that, it all happens online, and means that everyone gets real-time updates on all changes, and there are automated backups of everything. 

Google Docs - for your team's online collaboration.

Built on top of Google Drive, Google Docs allows you to collaborate, in real time with all of your team members on documents, spreadsheets, powerpoints, etc. All of these documents and files are then stored directly on Google Drive, which means that all stakeholders of various documents get real-time updates on any changes made. 

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Technology Slack

Slack is a proprietary business communication platform that offers an interactive way for teams to collaborate on projects together while also keeping conversations confidential between individuals without having them broadcast publicly across different platforms such as email threads or other work-related conversations.

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