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This video provides you with all the benefits and advantages that HubSpot Services can bring to your business.

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Technology: Hubspot Service

The Hubspot Service Hub lets you keep all your customer service data in one place so that it’s easy to onboard, support and retain customers. With this CRM platform, your business can now provide top-notch customer service management at every step of your customer’s journey.

HubSpot Service Hub allows you to

  • Expand your support team’s capacity through automation and self-service.
  • Improve collaboration by uniting your teams and channels.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience.


Paid Users

Choose how many users can access the Service Hub Starter features. (2 paid users included with $23/month per additional user.)

Free access: Everyone in your company gets access to HubSpot’s free features.

Hubspot service

Introduction to Hubspot Service

Installing & Configuring Hubspot Service

This video will provide you with a detailed introduction to HubSpot Service, a platform that brings all your customer service data and channels together on one CRM platform, so you can efficiently onboard, support, retain, and grow your customer base.

Getting started with Hubspot Service Hub

Quick Start  

This video will give you an overview of Service Hub, all the tools that come with it and how to use it to create and manage tickets across the pipeline.

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