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Sales is in most cases the single most important aspect of a business, immaterial of the size, scale or even the industry that it is involved in. In the most basic sense, the term ‘sales’ refers to any transaction where a predetermined amount of money is exchanged for the ownership of goods, real estate, intellectual property or the entitlement to service. In the context of accounting, sales refer to the revenue earned by a company or a business entity from the sale of their offered product or service.

Sales is the culmination of a number of key business processes that can include planning, research, development, marketing, advertising and more. It is what determines an organization’s rate of success, scalability and growth.


With the advent of the internet and the digital culture, the world of business is constantly evolving and going through changes at an alarming rate. This paradigm shift in the consumer culture has had a major impact on everything from marketing to sales. Businesses and brands have quickly moved from creating trends to reacting to them and are now looking to anticipate them so they are always ahead of the competition.

With sales teams working remotely, the need for an effective customer relationship management system is even more important today. This is where the process of digitizing your sale process comes in as it would help manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and prospects.

Here are some statistics on Sales Digitization
Customers even prefer self-service methods over speaking with a rep.

benefits of business digitization

Transparency and Efficiency
24/7 Access to Sales Activities
Better Data Analysis
Personalization and flexibility
Effective Communicating and Collaborating
Identification of Best Practices

Techlification Platforms

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a centralized and easy-to-use interface to power your business known for its powerful features that enable customers to relate stronger with their customers, boost conversations, and improve revenues based on multiple interaction channels. HubSpot CRM is a critical part of the HubSpot ecosystem that seamlessly integrates sales, marketing and service capabilities.

Hubspot Deals

Hubspot Deals is a digital platform that helps you manage ongoing transactions that a sales team is pursuing with contacts or companies. These deals are tracked through pipeline stages until won, lost, cancelled by either party without resolvent of terms beforehand – all the way up to being shipped out for processing.  The Deals platform from Hubspot allows you to manage these relevant data and sync it between HubSpot CRM along with other systems so all the key members in the process have access.

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