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This video will give you an overall introduction to the Techlify HRMS Platform and how it can help your business as a “Complete Human Resource Management Solution”.

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Technology: Techlify HRMS

Techlify HRMS is a complete Payroll and HR management platform that helps businesses and organizations streamline their payroll and human resource management. Using a combination of advanced systems and processes, Techlify HRMS enables businesses to automate repetitive and time-consuming human resources management-related tasks frees the time and energy of the valuable employees and allows their focus to the culture, retention, and other prior and highly impactful areas. 

Techlify’s HRMS module can assist with

Employee Onboarding and Recruitment
Tracking Attendance Record
Leave Management
Employee Information System
Managing Employee Payroll
Training and Development
Exit process Management

Techlify HRMS & Payroll Quick Start Guide

Techlify HRMS & Payroll Quick Start Guide 

This is a series of short videos that will serve as your quick start guide on how to get started with HRMS and how to use its various features to simplify your work life.

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